In Höllenritt, the western video game is nearing release on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. The immersive action RPG sim Weird West is coming out in just a few weeks: March 31st. Devolver Digital and WolfEye Studios have unveiled the fourth video in the Road to Weird West series.

In the new video, WolfEye Studios' Creative Director Raf Colantonio gives an insight into the rules and laws of Weird West, from run-ins with law enforcement to lifelong bonds of friendship and enmity.

Dark Wild West

Explore a dark fantasy interpretation of the Wild West, where lawmen and gunslingers share lands with fantastical creatures. Players experience the origin story of an atypical group of heroes who become legends through the decisions they make in the harsh environment.

Each journey is designed to be unique and shaped by the actions of the players - a series of stories where everything is at stake and the world reacts to your decisions. Form a squad or venture solo into an otherworldly frontier of the Wild West and make each legend your own.

Weird West is available for pre-order on Steam. If you are a subscriber to Game Pass for Xbox or PC, you can play the game as part of the service right from the launch.

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