To increase your anticipation for the launch of Weird West on PC, PlayStation and Xbox on January 11th, Devolver Digital and WolfEye Studios present the second of their “Road to Weird West” videos. This time, Creative Director Raf Colantonio leads through the simulation elements of the immersive sim role-playing game.

In Weird West, games immerse yourself in a dark fantasy interpretation of the Wild West, where law enforcement officers and gunslingers share the land with fantastic creatures and experience the genesis of an atypical group of heroes who become legend through the decisions that players make in the inhospitable environment .

Otherworldly Wild West

Each journey is unique and based on your actions - a series of stories in which everything is at stake and the world reacts to your decisions. Form a squad or move alone to an otherworldly border area of ​​the Wild West and make every legend your own.

WolfEye Studios and Devolver Digital have announced that action-RPG Weird West, set in a surreal vision of the Western genre, will be released on January 11th for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Coinciding with this announcement, the Cowboys have also activated pre-orders on Steam. WolfEye Studios Creative Director Raf Colantonio gave an overview of the game in the first episode of Road to Weird West. It was meant to be the first in a series of videos that take a deeper dive into the whimsical west.

Those who pre-order will receive a horse called Calamity, a highly reliable animal that will give them a head start on their adventure by doubling the size of their inventory. It also allows you to escape from locations faster, even if you are already being chased by enemies - and you can travel faster to meet time-limited objectives more easily. Calamity's saddlebags are also filled with essential items, including lock picks, bandages, tools and a golden ace of spades upgrade token.


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