The video game Weedcraft Inc will be released in April 2019. A new trailer deals with the business of the legal marijuana trade in America.

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The developer Vile Monarch (known for the title Crush your Enemies, Oh ... Sir!) And the publisher Devolver Digital today jointly revealed more information about the upcoming tycoon game Weedcraft Inc. as well as a new trailer, the excerpts from the different scenarios of the game shows, including the corporate side of the upcoming grass empire.


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Weedcraft Inc. gameplay trailer

Weedcraft Inc. explores the industry of producing, growing, and selling marijuana in America in an in-depth tycoon game that lets players choose how to run and grow their business. Players can run smaller, mom and pop-style businesses, but like in real life, there are great opportunities here and there to expand the company into the national grass empire. So as nationally as possible, considering that the green smoking goods remain illegal in 40 states.

No problem in video games: grow weed legally. Image: Vile Monarch
No problem in video games: grow weed legally. Image: Vile Monarch

In the first scenario of Weedcraft Inc. Players need to build, grow and manage all aspects of their brand, including people, research and development, sales, shipping, customer service, marketing, politics, and state and federal administration. With state marijuana laws constantly changing, learning to navigate within the ever-changing laws is key to success.

“The game's second scenario involves situations that have played out hundreds, if not thousands, of times in real life. "After spending over a decade in prison for illegal cultivation, you finally get out only to find that all former colleagues have a head start in legal trading. And although their past crimes are now perfectly legal, as a player you are being pursued by the authorities and the legal entanglements that come with it.”

Kacper Kwiatkowski, Vile Monarch.

Players can build relationships with politicians, lobbyists and Instagram influencers to influence laws that help their business interests, as well as drag dirt to the surface to smash the competition - just like in classic love, war and weed empires . But beware. Anyone who ventures too far into legal gray areas could end up on the wrong side of the law and then watch helplessly as their empire collapses.

From an economic point of view, marijuana is just a commodity. Image: Vile Monarch
From an economic point of view, marijuana is just a commodity. Image: Vile Monarch

Just like the real-world challenges faced by today's weed retailers, Weedcraft Inc. offers a complex suite of systems that players can master in a format that is easy to learn and does not shy away from, cultural, business and to point out state hypocrisy when it comes to who wins and who loses - when it comes to the herb of the devil.

The tycoon video game Weedcraft Inc. is due to be released in April.

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