Warcrave and Crazy Monkey Studio are celebrating a “Warparty” - and everyone is partying. The new real-time strategy game takes place in the Stone Age: players lead dinosaurs and legendary beasts in prehistoric battles of epic proportions. The video game will be released on March 28, 2019 for PC, Mac, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

Jurassic Party in real time

After a few months of fine-tuning in Steam Early Access, Warparty is now preparing to show real-time strategy fans its full prehistoric glory, including the all-new feature-rich Story Campaign mode.

The video game "Warparty", which is based on classic RTS titles, provides variety by filling the battle maps with wild dinosaurs and mythical creatures that require tough discipline. Players command one of three factions - the Wildlander, Nekromas or Vithara - each with their own units, buildings, play styles and unique talents for superiority on the battlefield. The game modes in “Warparty” include survival, AI skirmish and custom online multiplayer and offer RTS paleo parties for up to six friends.


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The new story campaign, which will also be available from March 28th, will be filled with motivating single player experiences: The mode's unique maps, factions and missions are presented against the backdrop of cinematic cutscenes. We are talking about a gripping story of old alliances and bloodshed.

Ranked games are played on the dedicated "Warparty" servers to ensure a fair fight, and online leaderboards let everyone share in the tragedies and triumphs. "Simply tighten the loincloth, sharpen the ax and go to the battle of your life with your favorite dinosaur," says the official announcement.

More information is available www.warpartygame.com.

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