The gaming industry is booming! And not just in Germany, but around the world and have been for several years. New games are always being developed and the rapidly evolving technologies in the market are making gaming more and more accessible to all people. In the meantime, every household has the necessary resources, everyone has a laptop or smartphone these days and can therefore start playing. In this article, we examined what exactly is behind the ever-increasing popularity of gaming and why the trend simply cannot be stopped.

Gaming is part of human history

Strictly speaking, gaming is part of our history. People have always passed the time with games, even if it was limited to board games in the beginning. They still exist today, but the digital age has opened up even more possibilities for us. There is now a wide range of games for a wide variety of consoles and devices, both online and offline. And some of the most popular too Board games are making a comeback and will be launched on the market as a digitized version. The Settlers of Catan, for example, is a lot of fun on the PC.

Gaming is so easy

And it is not just the large variety of different genres and games that ensure that everyone can find something that suits them. In addition, gaming has now become so easy that anyone can do it very easily. Because many games do not need a specific console because they are compatible with different devices. Games often run just as well on a PC as they do on a tablet or smartphone. And while some prefer to play FIFA on the Playstation, others like to play online Casino777 Switzerland or NetBet online sports betting Austria and still others prefer to spend hours with Fortnite on their PC.

In most cases, gamers don't even have to leave their home to buy a new game. Pretty much every new game can now be downloaded from the Internet. Payment is made either by credit card or PayPal and there are also plenty of free games.

The trend is up

Sales in the gaming industry have been rising steadily for years. In 2018, around 135 billion dollars were turned over by industry worldwide, and the trend is rising. They are in Germany Sales of the sector in 2020 at 6,2 billion euros - compared to the previous year that is an increase of 6%.

Not only are sales of the actual games going up, but also those of the equipment: Manufacturers of laptops, consoles, headsets and gamepads are also experiencing a run. In addition, the technologies keep improving, which is why hardcore gamers keep upgrading and buying the latest products.

Fascination gaming - the boom continues

Gaming exerts a real fascination on the most varied of age groups and social classes. That's also because it's so easy and so convenient. Each player decides for himself when he wants to play and does not even have to leave his room. If you don't want to, you don't have to invest a lot of time and can theoretically stop a game at any time. It looks a little different with classic board games. Because who wants to stop a Monopoly match in the middle, even if it has been going on for hours? Exactly ... nobody!