The online multiplayer game Warriors - Rise To Glory is coming soon. The game from Israeli developer Gavra Games will be available for free on Steam for a limited time. The video game title is a turn-based gladiator fighting game. The starting signal for downloading the game should be given at the end of January. A gameplay trailer for the colorful, brutal fighting game has already appeared.

The turn-based fighting game by Gavra Games will appear on Steam on January 28th and is supposed to transport its players into a bloody, yet humorous world full of colorful gladiators, with unique skills, weapons and, in some cases, weird armor. The warriors, as well as their accommodation, should be able to be designed from the ground up by the players.

The gladiator fight becomes brutal

In the online multiplayer Warriors - Rise to Glory, players are supposed to slip into the role of gladiators: battles would be fought in an arena and the legacy of their ancestors would be preserved. It should be bloody and raw. Players can behead their opponents, perform deathtouches or crush their skulls with an ax. In the style of gladiator fights, a lot of blood is shed when arrows are drawn, axes wielded or deadly traps are set. There are a lot of rewards to be won, but failure to do so could result in the loss of all fame and some items. It is about nothing less than fame and honor.

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Warriors - Rise to Glory will be playable online, with and against friends to form powerful alliances, but also to compete against each other. It is important to find trustworthy allies with whom sophisticated strategies can be implemented in combat. But be careful! According to Gavra Games, alliances, even with honorable connections of gladiators, are extremely fragile and whoever was just a friend could suddenly become the greatest enemy. During the game, experience is gained and the warrior is improved through weapons, armor and skills. You will fight in player against player mode, in 2-on-2 or in “Free for All” combat. Rogue-like, as soon as a warrior dies, he is dead. But the gladiator game does not take itself too seriously, so that bananas or toilets would fly off the stands. If you then need a break from the bloodbath, you can gamble in the tavern.

The Israeli games studio Gavra Games was founded by two cousins ​​and at the same time lovers of video games. Today the team at the Israeli studio consists of six creative developers who have made it their mission to bring a lot of fun and entertainment to their players on the screen. Her motto is always: “Easy to learn - Hard to master”.


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