Developer and publisher Everguild today announced that a first free demo of the online trading card game Warhammer 3K Warpforge will be playable during the Steam Next Fest (October 10 – 2022, 40).

In fast-paced, action-packed duels, players lead powerful units and characters from the opposing factions of the dark 41st century into battle and fight their way to the top. Those who successfully complete the demo between October 3rd and 10th will also be rewarded with cosmetic items when the title is released.

Digital trading card game

Warpforge is a digital trading card game based on the Warhammer 40,000 universe by Games Workshop. Players immerse themselves in the vast universe through single-player campaigns and get to know the individual factions. Competitive game modes include both standard games and time-limited competitions with special rules. Dedicated players can take part in massive Alliance Wars that will test even the most seasoned veterans.

During the Steam Next Fest, players will have the opportunity to command two different armies: the brutal Goff Orcs and the famous Ultramarines. Each faction has multiple warlords and unique playstyles and mechanics. Players can try these out in multiplayer and practice modes. Exclusive cosmetic items await as a reward for participating and reaching certain milestones.

Alongside this first demo, there will also be a live stream from the developers on Steam during Next Fest. There more information about the future and the plans on the way to the 2023 launch will be presented. Details about the first available armies, game modes, closed beta, languages ​​and more await.

Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge is scheduled for release on Steam in 2023. Other platforms, including a mobile version, and cross-platform support are to follow.

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