Today, Frontier Foundry and Complex Games are sharing an exclusive first look at four advanced classes of the Gray Knights. Warhammer 40.000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters players will be able to command these in-game.

Nurgle's greatest gift to the galaxy - the bloom - rages on the worlds of the Tyrtaeus sector. Therefore, the Strike Force Xiphos needs access to the Gray Knights, which have unique abilities. The advanced classes of the Gray Knights have undergone special training in Titan's citadel to hone their powerful psychic and physical abilities. All in preparation for Chaos' most dangerous incursions into Materium.

Access to an initial four classes of Gray Knights

Initially, Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters players will have access to the four classes of Gray Knights – the Justicare, Interceptors, Purgators and the Apothecaries. However, this will change as the campaign progresses. Thus, after earning the favor of the Armory Steward, players gain access to four more advanced classes:

The Paladin is an elite warrior clad in Terminator armor. He pulverizes his enemies with powerful, combat-oriented abilities, striking them down with them.

religious priest

The Chapter Priest strengthens and encourages his allies with prayers and litanies. At the same time, he blesses them and cleanses them of Nurgle's debilitating diseases.

As a skilled psyker, the Librarian exorcises the demons from within, bursting them with devastating psychic attacks.

The Purificator burns any enemy that gets too close. It also removes enemy mutations or status effects.

Once unlocked in the campaign, units with these class specializations will be added to the additional unit rotation. These are available through post-mission requisitions.
Each class has unique upgrade options - both active and passive - with 36 potential abilities to unlock. Per Gray Knight, players must use a limited number of skill points to determine their specializations during a campaign.


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