Canadian developer and publisher Digital Extremes announces the beginning of Warframe's Nightwave - a new, ongoing radio broadcast based on fresh, story-driven gameplay available today. In Nightwave, players can immediately take on new challenges with the help of their orbiter scanner, as well as unlock exclusive rewards, equipment, cosmetics and more. For the first time in Warframe history, the new content is available simultaneously on all platforms - Steam PC, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch - for free.

The Wolf of Saturn Six

Tenno who isNightwave will not be able to resist the rebellious and gentle charm of presenter Nora Night. She is a mysterious character whose radio broadcast today started with the first episode The Wolf of Saturn Six and go. Players will discover new enemies and backstories, as well as receive unique rewards to improve their arsenal as they level up.


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Nilightwave- Rewards are both exclusive and limited in time: players can only receive them during the Nightwave event. These include powerful items such as Orokin catalysts, Wolf Cred (a new currency that is available in the shop for Nightwave-Cred offers that include prior alarm system rewards), coveted weapons/Warframe slots and format bundles, as well as exclusive, time-limited cosmetic items, including an armor set, a Syndana and Noggle, and more. As soon as the first series of The Wolf of Saturn Six When it comes to an end, the next one will begin with a whole new story and new incentives and exclusive rewards.

Nintendo Switch players will receive additional bonuses as the update to The Wolf of Saturn Six has even more content on the platform.

Nintendo players receive a total of three TennoGen bundles, including:


  • Nova Visage Skin
  • Mirage Morgaine Skin
  • Trinity Knightess Skin
  • EmberGraxx Skin
  • Saryn Graxx Skin


  • Volt Zener Skin
  • Wukong Auman Skin
  • Loki Incubus Skin
  • Excalibur Apex Skin
  • Rhino Mastodon skin
  • Harrow Graxx Skin


  • Naru Syandana
  • Mithra Heavy Blade Skin
  • Rhino Teutonic helmet
  • Loki replacement helmet
  • Loki rogue helmet
  • Mesa Falcon helmet
  • Nova Tachyon helmet
  • Wukong Xingzhe helmet

Nintendo Switch players can look forward to exciting boss fights and other content Fortune: The Profit Taker be happy. “We are also introducing TennoGen. All of this content has been created by the community and approved by Digital Extremes.

More details and information on the special rewards.

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