Former Blizzard visionary Chris Metzen is behind the newly formed studio Warchief Gaming with Mike Gilmartin and Ryan Collins. Now the creative minds are bringing “Auroboros: Coils of the Serpent”, a 5E role-playing game, to Kickstarter as a crowdfunding campaign. The project is not long in coming - it should be published in April for the support of the swarm. 

The 5E basic set of rules for the new role-playing game brand Auroboros: Coils of the Serpent focuses on a classic fantasy setting, for which Chris Metzen and Co were inspired by the genre leader Dungeons & Dragons. Metzen is one of the founders of Warchief Gaming and is a gaming industry veteran, at least when it comes to video games. As ex-Vice President of Blizzard Entertainment, Chris Metzen knows what is important when it comes to bringing players into a setting.

Inspired by RPGs from the 80s and 90s

"Worldbook: Lawbrand" is the name of the first work from Warchief's new Auroboros franchise. This should give players and game masters all the content they need to design their own adventures. The setting is based on borrowings from classic fantasy roleplaying. At first glance, there are – intentionally – no innovations to be found. Metzen wants to capture the feeling of playing that he knows from a role-playing adventure from his own childhood: the tabletop RPG should therefore also be understood as a kind of homage to the role-playing games of the 80s and 90s.

The 5E-compatible foundation Lawbrand is the debut Warchief Gaming enters the race with after its inception. The game company wants to finance its work via crowdfunding via Kickstarter – already the campaign starts on April 20th. Almost 7.000 subscribers are already following the project on Kickstarter. There seems to be no way the campaign could miss its mark.

At the same time, if the campaign is successful, it could lay the foundation for further RPG source books for the new Auroboros brand.

The brand starts at Lawbrand with initially five different races and four subclasses - each with their own story backgrounds. Metzen and Gilmartin aren't the only Blizzard veterans who pour their creativity into Auroboros. The writer is Micky Neilson, the former Hearthstone story leader. Neilson left Blizzard in 2016 but continues to work with the Californians as a freelancer. He also previously worked on World of Warcraft and the Starcraft series.

Mark Gibbons, Samwise Didier, Peter Lee, Glenn Rane, Alex Horley and Francesca Baerald also have their fingers on the role-playing game. You all contributed illustrations.

The video gives a taste of the quality of the graphics:


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Since the studio was founded, the goal has been to create its own game brands. Thanks to the experience of the studio founders, the development is based on professionalism, but does not differ fundamentally from the approach behind other new RPG creations. Initially, it was ideas from a community that ultimately led to Auroboros: Coils of the Serpent being brought to a final stage and being implemented via crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

From April 20th, fans will know whether Warchief Gaming will celebrate a successful premiere. Then the campaign of the developer studio, which was only founded in October 2020, starts. The fact that Metzen and Gilmartin decided to take the step is also due to the thought of turning away from the ever faster rotating video game industry. At Blizzard, the two veterans were once responsible for the worlds behind AAA brands like Diablo or Warcraft.

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