Saturday 5th October is all about action and excitement in the stores of Irish toy retailer Smyths Toys. On the big "Day of Duels" in the Smyths Toys Superstores, children can playfully demonstrate their skills in action-packed duels at numerous play stations. 

Day of action around Star Wars, Playmobil and Harry Potter

If you are in the mood for exciting duels around the brave knights of Novelmore, the Playmobil Station is the right place for you! Because on an elaborately designed photo wall, you have to aim one after the other foam balls at the holes in the wall. Whoever could sink more balls into the holes and thus drive away more intruders, is the winner of this duel. In any case, Saturday is all about action and excitement.

At various play stations, young and old adventurers can test their speed in the Star Wars quiz game, guard the Novelmore castle from possible intruders and put their previously learned skills to the test in the Harry Potter magic wand duel.
Sandra Richter, Team Lead CRM, PR and Event Marketing, Smyths Toys DACH

At Jakks' Harry Potter Station, on the other hand, it gets magical - because here two wizards compete against each other. After the wizarding students have been introduced to the magical world of Harry Potter and have learned some spells, it is a matter of combining spells with the appropriate movements with the help of a mysterious magic wand. If you feel confident in handling the wands, then you have the opportunity to face one or the other magic wand duel.

The largest of the welcome parties took place in the Smyths Toys Superstore in Cologne-Marsdorf. Photo: André Volkmann

The largest of the Welcome parties instead of. Photo: André Volkmann

Not to be forgotten is Hasbro's Star Wars duel. This is where it gets particularly tricky: this is where you have to put your knowledge of Star Wars to the test. As it should be for a real Jedis, cool lightsabers serve as a buzzer.  

Because good performance should be rewarded, children can also dust off gifts on the day of action: ""As a reward for completing duels, there are "cool gifts" at the game stations," reveals Sandra Richter. Including a puzzle from Novelmore or posters from Harry Potter. Even better: If you answer all three questions correctly on the entry card available in the market, you have the chance to win one of 30 prizes from Hasbro, Playmobil and Jakks.

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