There are supplies for all fans of Viticulture. With "Viticulture World" Stonemaier Games has announced a new expansion. The special thing about it: It will be cooperative. In Germany, the expansion will appear as usual at Tierra del Fuego.

Viticulture is one of the most popular games and is currently ranked 26th in the overall top list on BoardGameGeek. Viticulture World will soon be an exciting novelty that will bring a whole new feel to the game. For the first time you can work together with your fellow players and play cooperatively.

Viticulture World: Glory to the Finest Wines

Despite the fundamental change in game mode from competitive to cooperative, the other "hard facts" of the game remain the same. The new extension is also recommended for 1-6 people aged 13 and over. The playing time is given as 75-95 minutes on the box. ¬¬¬It is about gaining worldwide recognition with the members of the extended winemaking family across 7 asymmetrical continents. It is important to balance the management of your own vineyard with the efforts of other players to influence the region.

With a new game board, new tiles and tokens, and event cards combined with the components of the base game, players have 6 years to meet the appropriate victory conditions. On the one hand, everyone must reach 25 victory points and the influence marker that everyone shares must reach the end of the influence track.

Of course, the base game is required to play the expansion. The other expansions will also be compatible with the cooperative expansion.

Stonemaier Games plans to release the English edition in June. It is not yet known whether the German edition will be published by Tierra del Fuego at the same time or later.

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