On Monday afternoon, the Spiel des Jahres jury announced the list of recommendations and nominations for the Kinderspiel, Kennerspiel and Spiel des Jahres 2023. Pegasus Games is pleased about the nomination of Dorfromantik – Das Brettspiel by Michael Palm and Lukas Zach for Game of the Year and the recommendation of KuZOOkA by Leo Colovini in the same category.

After MicroMacro: Crime City (together with Edition Spielwiese) was named Game of the Year 2021, Dragomino was named Children's Game of the Year 2021 and Living Forest was named Kenner's Game of the Year 2022, the nomination of Dorfromantik - Das Brettspiel for Game of the Year also continues 2023 continues the trend.

For the eighth year in a row, at least one title from the Pegasus games range is on the nomination lists for the three categories Kennerspiel, Kinderspiel and Game of the Year. Whether the world's most important prize for board, card and parlor games, the so-called red pawn, will go to Friedberg for the fifth time will be announced at the award ceremony on July 16 in Berlin.

Village romance as a table version: The board game by Michael Palm 

Dorfromantik – Das Brettspiel by Michael Palm and Lukas Zach, nominated for Game of the Year 2023, is a cooperative family game for up to six players aged eight and up. In the board game adaptation of Toukana Interactive's video game of the same name, which has won over 22.000 positive recommendations on Steam and various video game awards, players work together to build an idyllic landscape that also reflects the wishes of the population.

In each game of Village Romance – The Board Game, the players receive assignments that they can fulfill together by placing hexagonal tiles. In addition, it is also about building the longest possible track and the longest possible river. In addition, special features such as flags, which score points in closed areas, need to be taken into account. The better the group manages to meet all the requirements, the more points it gets. And these, in turn, release new material that is included in five initially sealed boxes. New challenges are constantly being added, which means that the level of difficulty gradually increases. Thanks to the included campaign block, players can always start over and try new ways.

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The Spiel des Jahres jury says about Dorfromantik – The Board Game: “Dorfromantik takes the pressure out of everyday life. The cooperative feel-good game has new, exciting goals from game to game, but you can never lose. Tasks that are easy to solve are gradually being supplemented by trickier ones, but they are all within the comfort zone. When we do the jigsaw puzzle, one person has the best idea, and then the other. The campaign lures you into new games – and new players can be found as quickly as the game is explained.”

In addition, the jury of critics also gave Leo Colovini's cooperative family game KuZOOkA a place on the Game of the Year recommendation list. In the non-verbal communication game, the two to six players slip into the role of zoo animals planning their escape together. But communication between the animal species is difficult. And so, by strategically placing animal tokens on the game board, the players only have to ensure that the others understand which of the items discarded by the zoo visitors can help them escape. Showing your own cards or talking about them is not allowed. Only if enough matching cards come together at the end of the round does the game group gain experience and thus get closer to their big goal: the zoo escape before the end of the sixth day or the sixth round. Individual animal abilities and an additional game variant provide additional challenges for experienced gamers.

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