The Dorfromantik board game is here: After the great success of the Dorfromantik video game, the author duo Michael Palm and Lukas Zach, in cooperation with Toukana Interactive, have further developed the gameplay into a parlor game. The result, Dorfromantik – The Board Game, was recently published by Pegasus Spiele and is now available in specialist shops.

Ever since the announcement of the board game version of the Village Romance video game, the gaming community has been eagerly awaiting its release. A small advance amount for the SPIEL was sold out within a short time. Dorfromantik – Das Brettspiel by Michael Palm and Lukas Zach is now available in specialist shops. The RRP for the cooperative family game for one to six people aged eight and over is EUR 34,99.

Village Romance: Video Game was a real success

After the success of the video game - over 18.000 positive ratings on Steam, various computer game awards and much more. - Players can now look forward to the board game implementation of the popular building strategy and puzzle game. Village Romance - The Board Game brings the peaceful, relaxed gameplay of the video game to the table as a cooperative game.

In each game, the players receive orders that they can fulfill together by placing hexagonal tiles. As in the online game, it is about aspects such as the longest possible track or a certain size of area with the same elements (forest, grain, village). There are some special features such as flags that score points in closed areas.

The points scored in a game unlock new material, which is included in the form of five initially sealed boxes. New challenges are added, which gradually increases the difficulty, because additional tasks and materials mean that there are always new things to consider when laying out the tiles. Thanks to the included campaign block, players can always start over and try new ways.

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