Hyperstrange and Paranoid Interactive invite you to the snowy north in the days of legends. A year ago, Frozenheim was released in Steam Early Access and enchanted players as a beautiful and relaxing city-building simulation in a Nordic setting. While the developers prepare everything for the release of the full version on June 16th, the title will receive a final Early Access update on Steam today.

As the debut title from Paranoid Interactive, Frozenheim achieved huge popularity on Steam during its Early Access period. Players take on the role of a Jarl in Frozenheim to live up to the Viking legends and make Odin the Allfather proud.

From mini team project to strategy epic

The game, which started as a small 3-person project, developed into a full-fledged, multi-faceted strategy epic and has already sold almost 200.000 copies. Since releasing it into Early Access by indie publisher Label Hyperstrange, the development team has quadrupled in size to meet the expectations of the fast-growing community.

The eighth and final Frozenheim Early Access update, available now, includes a third story campaign. The four missions revolve around Thorstein, the hero of the Bear Clan and contain a total of 16 new locations. The multiplayer mode also gets the long-awaited matchmaking feature and siege weapons are also making their way onto the Nordic battlefields.

The 1.0 version will be released to match the setting on Thor's Day (Thursday), June 16, 2022 and, in addition to graphical improvements and a final touch to the gameplay, contains a fourth story campaign and the completion of the Frozenheim legend. The price of the early access version is currently €16,99, but players can look forward to a release discount on Steam, GOG and the Humble Store in mid-June.

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