What would Lord of the Rings be without companions? Asmodee Digital and Fantasy Flight Interactive announce that the video game variant of the well-known and impressive card game can now be played cooperatively.

The co-op mode, which players are longing for, brings new maps that are only available in multiplayer, which mean a good boost for Sauron's armed forces. There is also a random matchmaking and there is also the possibility for the players to communicate via their own emote system.

“We're really excited to show the players our co-op mode. It's a whole new way to enjoy The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game. We've added a whole load of new features to make the battles between the Companions and Sauron's dark hordes run as smoothly as possible. "

Timothy Garritsen of Fantasy Flight Interactive

In this Living Card Game, players lead three heroes through Middle-earth and fight against the dark forces of Sauron. You put together your own decks from ally, event and equipment cards. Personality, tactics, knowledge and skills as a leader are then tested in narrative campaigns.

Screenshot from the video game Lord of the Rings LCG
Photo: Asmodee Digital

The game is in Early Access for PC and Mac Steam available, and it is still being improved and optimized. In the course of the year the game will leave this status and receive new Valor cards, campaigns and unannounced features.

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