The publisher Red Thread Games has already proven his skills with the adventure "Dreamfall Chapters". The new game looks promising and will be coming to PC soon. Further conversions for consoles are to follow.

A Fjord Noir mystery adventure

The publisher Red Thread Games has announced that the latest title Draugen will appear on the PC soon. In this adventure, the player controls a man who is looking for his missing sister in Norway. He is accompanied by a sociable and enigmatic young woman. Together with her he explores a picturesque coastal community.

Source: Red Thread Games

The game captivates with its beautiful landscapes, the fjords and mountains of rural Norway show. The developer promises a narrative, atmospheric and fascinating experience, similar to a film.

Source: Red Thread Games

It even comes with a soundtrack. The award-winning composer Simon Pool has already composed for Dreamfall, Dreamfall Chapters and The Secret World. The story was written by Ragnar Tørnquist, who was involved in the entire Dreamfall trilogy, as well as for Secret World. We can therefore expect a good implementation. Incidentally, the game was co-financed by the EU funding initiative MEDIA.

Source: Red Thread Games

Draugen will be released on Steam and GOG on May 29th and can already be added to the wish lists. Implementations for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One will follow, but no date has yet been set.


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The official teaser trailer from Draugen on Youtube.

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