At Paradox Interactive's in-house convention "PDXCON Remixed", the publisher and developer officially announced the sequel to the Victoria series. The roots go back to 2003, when the Grand Strategy series made its debut with Victoria – An Empire Under The Sun. 

The railroad and the telegraph. Steamships and the birth of flying. Conscription, emancipation and the women's rights movement. The Victorian Age is shaped by a world that is changing with new technologies, new philosophies, and new ways of doing politics. This turbulent century awakens in Victoria 3, the grand strategy game from Paradox Development Studio, to new life.

A new world is forming

After years of community questions and curiosity about the future, it is one of the publisher's most iconic game series Victoria 3 straight away one of the most anticipated grand strategy games in Paradox history. Victoria 3 is a society simulator set in a time of great change. Players observe the needs and wants of the national population, with each group having their own political and material preferences. Conservative factions can oppose political reform as a growing number of merchants and intellectuals push for greater say in the governance of the nation. Players trade a wide range of goods on a global scale to ensure that needs are met in their own country, because when people are hungry and destitute, revolution threatens.


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Victoria 3 will be available on Steam, Microsoft Game Pass, and the Paradox Store. The core features of Victoria 3 include the concept of the tiInitial social simulation: Cultural, economic and ideological currents compete for power and resources in one of the most detailed historical worlds of Paradox.

Players feed their population, train them and prepare them for the future, guarantee their prosperity and improve their satisfaction. Scientific and social advances give them the opportunity to improve the lives of their citizens. It is necessary to import goods in order to keep costs down, as well as to export goods in order to enrich citizens - then in turn one can tax this gained wealth. tax to advance their own plans.

Players can maintain harmonious relationships with their neighbors or provoke a crisis to get hold of valuable resources or open up new markets. They deal with competing interests in their government by launching new reforms. At the same time, they risk a revolution if key voices are not heard.

Cities grow and factories darken the landscape on a beautifully drawn world map from the 19th century. Players choose one of numerous nations dating back to 1836 and try to claim their place in the sun.

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