The Japanese board game publisher Oink Games is planning to bring its games in digital versions to the Nintendo Switch. The publisher has already teased a corresponding crowdfunding campaign on a pre-page. The Japanese want to publish the campaign in May under the title “Oink Games +”.

With “Oink Games +”, the Japanese publisher is once again approaching fans with crowdfunding. Only at the beginning of the year did they have a first Kickstarter campaign used to finance three board games. This time, the focus is on digital versions - and the Nintendo Switch is better suited for this than almost any other console, thanks to touch controls, among other things. However, there are currently no exact details about the campaign.

Oink Games digital not inexperienced

The publisher is not entirely inexperienced when it comes to digital formats: Last summer, Takeshi & Hiroshi, a role-playing game about two brothers, was published for Switch and iOS. Oink Games, on the other hand, is best known for analog games such as Deep Sea Adventure or A Fake Artist Goes to New York. Deep Sea Adventure in particular has become a real hit.

The Push-your-Luck title lets players slip into the roles of divers searching for treasure on the ocean floor. Among other things, it is important to keep an eye on the available oxygen in order to be able to safely retrieve the finds and bring them to the surface. At the same time, you can annoy your opponents in this way. The “Social Deduction” game with creative mechanics, A Fake Artist Goes to New York ”also attracted attention in the scene. As you can often see with Asian publishers, the game boxes are already small works of art: Oink Games had so far published all their titles in compact, glossy boxes.

It is still uncertain whether the publisher will use the games available to date for “Oink Games +” and thus for the digital adaptations, or whether new works will also be part of the campaign. So far, the publisher has only announced that it wants to digitize “its titles”. However, one can see from the short description that board games are supposed to be about it.

There is also no information on the price of the campaign: Measured against the game Takeshi & Hiroshi - the title costs around nine US dollars for Nintendo Switch - the digital works by Oink Games could be in a similar price range. When the Campaign for “Oink Games +” on Kickstarter exactly is not known, but it should be ready in May.


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