The Giant Roc brand is currently being used to finance the “Da Vinci's Workshop” expansion for the Venice board game as crowdfunding in the Spieleschmiede. With the expansion two new locations and
two new characters ensure extended gaming fun. The campaign has already started and will run until the end of May. 

With the expansion of Da Vinci's workshop, two new locations and two new characters join the game: In the arsenal you meet Admiral Sebastiano Venier, with whom you vie for the conclusion of municipal contracts. In the eponymous workshop you come across the legendary Leonardo da Vinci. If you work with him, you can
you can move the gondolas through Venice at an unbelievable speed thanks to its latest equipment.

Venice: Euro board game by Dávid Turczi and Andrei Novac

The base game Venice comes from the authors Dávid Turczi (including Anachrony, Defense of Procyon III) and Andrei Novac (including Versailles, Praetor) - and the duo of authors is also responsible for the campaign that has now been launched in the Spieleschmiede as a localized version of the expansion. Venice is an accessible euro game and is aimed at
1 to 5 connoisseurs aged 14 and over.

Players have to move their two trading gondolas along the city's waterways. That way you can
they use the skills of their assistants and negotiate contracts. If they allow themselves to be carried away by illegal means, it can attract the attention of the Venetian Inquisition. Your own gondolier also chats with those of the others and thereby circulates damning information.

The expansion includes an expanded double-sided game board with alternative illustrations and, among other things, additional slots for gondolas and assistants. Blacksmiths' support costs 18 euros if they only need the extension. Together with the basic game, the amount is 77 euros.


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There is not much time left this time: The Campaign for Da Vinci's workshop is running only around two weeks: the end of May 26th. "If you are interested in it and want to secure your own copy right away, you should jump on the next gondola and take the opportunity," says the game forge, where they wanted to collect at least 1.500 euros via crowdfunding. The set goal has long been exceeded. Almost 80 supporters have already poured over 2.100 euros. According to Giant Roc, delivery is planned for February 2022.

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