The closed beta has started. The makers of League of Legends are preparing for their new big hit: Valorant. The team shooter competes directly with titles such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive or Blizzards Overwatch - both established multiplayer shooters that have delighted millions of fans for years. Riot's project is ambitious. However, if there is a studio that can compete with well-known competitors in the multiplayer segment, it is Riot Games. 

Valorant is running in the closed beta, so players have the opportunity to get a first impression of the gameplay, provided they are selected to participate. You don't have to do much to register for the beta of the character-based, tactical team shooter. Simply on the official website for Valorant log in or create a Riot account, connect the account to Twitch and watch streams; Riot then distributes the keys using “Twitch Drops”.

Valorant Closed Beta provides insights into gameplay

Valorant is in direct competition with the genre leader Counter Strike: Global Offensive, but relies on a concept that also uses elements from shooters such as Overwatch or Team Fortress to offer players the most innovative gameplay mechanics possible.

The team shooter of the “League of Legends” makers will be free-2-play, ie basically free to play. Players can then buy cosmetic content for real money, so Riot wants to earn money with the game and that should - if everything goes well - also work well if you look at competitors, such as Fortnite, who use a similar system.


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The hardware requirements are moderate. Valorant will not be a glossy shooter with a bombastic look, but a fluid team game with its very own graphic style. The playful elements, but above all the technical side, are the focus. Ensuring a stable server connection and eliminating jerking is essential: Valorant should be measured against its competitive concept.

Accordingly, the game is not really hungry for hardware: an Intel Core 30 Duo E2 with an Intel HD 8400 should be sufficient for 3000 FPS; 144 FPS and more can already be achieved with an Intel Core i5-4460 and a Geforce GTX 1050 Ti. Otherwise, only 4 GB of RAM and 1 GB of graphics card memory and Windows 7, 8 or 10 with 64-bit are required. Valorant can even be played in high resolutions on medium-priced gaming notebooks without any problems.

Valorant: The characters are the stars

The real starts at Valorant are clearly the different characters, each with their own background stories and unique skills. This is exactly where the shooter draws its multiplayer essence. Each character has its own set of skills, including signature skills and ultimates. Phoenix, for example, throws fireballs around and relies on an aggressive style of play. Jett, on the other hand, is the agile soldier who uses smoke grenades and can "cut down" enemies, while Viper lives up to her name and can use poisonous gas.

The individual matches are about finding a team together and combining the individual skills of the characters into a powerful whole. In terms of skills, Valorant differs significantly from competitors such as Overwatch, where skills are simply subject to a cooldown. With Riots Shooter, the “skills” have to be bought, for example, when grenades are to be used - which is more in line with the concept of CS: GO.

The charging times for the powerful Ultimates are also much longer than with Overwatch, for example. That turns these skills into tactically decisive tricks, because the timing for deployment needs to be chosen wisely. Equipment is also bought: At the beginning of each round, players go shopping and buy weapons and armor.

By the way, Valorant is due to appear in summer - it is unclear when exactly. It is also not known how long the beta will last.

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