With Vagrantsong, Grimspire have brought an eloquent boss battler board game to the Spieleschmiede to publish a German version of it.

At Vagrantsong, 2 to 4 vagabonds can find out what can happen if you are given a helping hand out of the darkness of a train wagon and then accept it. Because they are now trapped in the freight train and can from now on fight their way through a story full of dangers, scary encounters and weird moments.

Who you gonna call?

They use their individual abilities to fend off ghosts lurking around the train, learn other helpful skills, and collect junk that could serve them well on their spooky adventure.

The artwork of Vagrantsong is based on early animated films and comics and creates a very unique, oppressive atmosphere with a mixture of humorous-cute retro charm and the creepy-grotesque figures.

If you would like to immerse yourself in it and play through numerous scenarios, you can still do the project until November 3th in the Spieleschmiede support. A bonus scenario is included with the base game, and a second one can be added as an option during the campaign.

Although there are still around three weeks left, the campaign has already exceeded the targeted financing goal of 15.000 euros. The board game costs 79 euros for supporters in the standard version or 99 euros including a bonus scenario and card sleeves. If everything goes smoothly, the title should be delivered in May 2023, according to Happyshops in the game company. 


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