As announced by Nintendo, a new free update for the fun game Super Mario Party has been released, which players can now compete against each other online. Three game modes and 70 of the 80 mini-games of Super Mario Party can be experienced in online multiplayer mode - for up to four players.

Nintendo has released a free update for Super Mario Party, adding online multiplayer modes to the popular Nintendo Switch title. As soon as they have installed the update, members of the paid service "Nintendo Switch Online" can also play a number of board games and mini-games via the Internet.

Nintendo Switch Online subscription required

From now on, fans can either compete against any player from their friends list or set a password in order to immerse themselves in the world of Super Mario Party via private game with friends or family members. And if you use the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app, you can also chat using the voice chat function.

From a total of 80 mini-games, you can also compete online against friends in 70. Image: Nintendo

From a total of 80 mini-games, you can also compete online against friends in 70. Image: Nintendo

However, the aforementioned subscription to “Nintendo Switch Online” is absolutely necessary – so the update for Super Mario Party is free, but you have to book the subscription for a fee if you are not already using it. With a family membership, up to eight people from the same family can use this service for only EUR 34,99 per year.

After the update, two to four participants can start together in the following three game modes:

  • Mario Party: Players choose their favorite figure from 20 characters, which they move across various game boards using virtual dice. In action-packed mini-games, you have to collect coins and exchange them for useful items or stars. The winner is whoever finishes the game with the most stars - including those stolen from other players.
  • Partner party: Two players team up and try as a duo to get as many stars as possible. Both can move freely and independently across the board. That leaves plenty of room for clever strategies and dramatic duels.
  • Mini-games: Also 70 of the 80 in Super Mario Party The included mini-games can be played in online multiplayer mode. Friends and family members can jump into dozens of fast-paced competitions.

Um Super Mario Party To play online, all players need their own Joy-Con. Two are included with the Nintendo Switch-Console. As soon as everyone has grabbed a Joy-Con, the following combinations are possible: Two players each play on their own console; Three players play either two on one console and a third on their own console or all three on their own consoles and with four players you can either play two on two consoles or four on their own consoles.

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