It has become quiet around the Viking MMORPG Valnir Rok. So calm that hardly any player had the title on their screen. Possibly until now, because the developers are trying to resuscitate - in the middle of the coronavirus crisis. A big update with many changes should help the MMO with a Viking setting to make a comeback.

Big things are happening in Valnir Rok, at least that's what the developers of the sandbox role-playing game have announced. They are betting on a variety of changes to breathe new life into the online RPG. What Cologne-based Encurio GmbH has created with Valnir Rok does not go down well with everyone. But: the comparatively rare topic of Norse mythology combined with a sandbox concept are the two factors that could make a comeback.

Valnir Rok: According to fans, not a total crash

The Viking sandpit didn’t completely crash if you use the Steam ratings as a yardstick. There, the users' tendency towards rating is at least balanced. Fans confirm that the early access title has a lot of potential. The latest feedback, however, is less positive: Valnor Rok is orphaned, there are hardly any players in the world. With “tot, tot, tot” a player sums up the essence of the criticism.

The developers do not seem to want to simply accept this and adjust it, in many places. "The developers of Valnir Rok have worked relentlessly and improved the game," says the current sign of life.


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A major update has been implemented and that is exactly what should ensure that the number of players increases again. The improvements also focus on the graphics and performance of the Viking sandbox game. There are also bug fixes.

Encurio then has a look ahead to the future: In the next three months, a major change is expected that will significantly improve the gaming experience. Thanks to the community, the developers were able to identify some of the most important bugs and less sophisticated aspects of the game - they now want to fix them as much as possible within the next three months.

Right now we've shifted our focus from creating content to improving and fixing the base game.
Benjamin Panah, game developer Valnir Rok

It doesn't stop at cryptic promises. The developers list in which areas of Valnir Rok what has improved. Major updates have just been implemented to performance and graphics, and offer many major and minor fixes that will vastly improve the gaming experience. The current patch notes for update 0.6.0 from Valnir Rok reflect this.


    • Performance optimization


    • Health bar appearance revised
    • Missing shield icons Grything, Svell & Aegas Ael added
    • Notes for loading screen added (German / English)
    • Added explanation of PVP and PVE to the server lists


    • Graphic post-processing optimized
    • Revised light settings
    • A problem with the height offset of the shaders on the Drekiberg Dragon Tower has been fixed and the collisions have been adjusted.
    • Removed uild-asset-mesh combination
    • Color grading revised


    • Horse dealer temporarily removed
    • Adjusted XP for Kraken Kill
    • Adjusted building repair costs
    • Adapted collider on the stairs near Anfort
    • Adapted randomized character values
    • Damage log added
    • Updated attack animation for Wolf & Octopus
    • Updated Octopus attack speed and cooldown
    • Incorrect display for guards costs adjusted 
    • Fixed totem decay protection time reset
    • Removed tailer as a requirement
    • Added exit build mode when opening windows
    • Disabled attacks during build mode
    • English localization for city sign descriptions added


    • Revised showing trees in the distance (can cause performance problems)
    • Adapted aiming camera for ranged combat
Because prayers alone do not lead to success, the developers are counting on major changes. Image: Encurio

Because prayers alone do not lead to success, the developers are counting on major changes. Image: Encurio

The developers of Valnir Rok also know that due to the Corona crisis, many players are looking for new titles to pass the time. The Viking game will therefore be temporarily offered at half price from April 6th. That fits in with the advice of the development team: "Take care of yourself in the Covid-19 times, stay at home and enjoy the wonderful world of Valnir Rok."

More information about the game is available at

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