It is true that the providers of online gaming have recently recorded decent growth rates. However, the competition never sleeps and so casinos, game developers and even payment service providers have to come up with new ideas to keep their customers and players happy. In addition, new casinos continue to enter the market looking for something off the cake. Reason enough to take a closer look at the upcoming trends in the online casino sector.

Trend 1: Mobile offers are becoming more and more important

The general trend in games doesn't stop at casino games either. While the PC desktop was still the most important platform for online gambling until a few years ago, this has now shifted in favor of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Hardly any provider can do without an app or at least a webapp today.

Most of the developers reacted years ago and made their games fit for mobile devices. In the meantime, there are even some providers who are predominantly concentrating on the mobile market and offering any slots exclusively for mobile platforms. A list of the latest slots can be found at Casino Vulkan Vegas, among others

Trend 2: Casinos without registration

Another important trend, which is sure to become even more noticeable in the months and years to come, are the casinos without registration. These are casinos that, as the name suggests, allow you to play without the hassle of registering. Payment service providers such as Trustly are the cornerstones of these offers. The players can only choose a deposit amount, which Trustly processes by bank transfer and forwards it directly to the casino. The amount is available immediately. Payouts, which often only reach the player's account within a few minutes, are just as uncomplicated and quick. In addition to the registration, the identification of the person, which is often carried out for withdrawals, is also omitted here.

Start playing even faster: Casinos without registrations are the trend.

Start playing even faster: Casinos without registrations are the trend.

Of course, there are still some disadvantages to these casinos at the moment. Since there is no customer account in the narrower sense, bonus offers are often omitted. Likewise, loyalty and VIP programs are not so difficult to implement. Ultimately, this is about the fast and uncomplicated fun that many casino players are sure to appreciate. That being said, one can certainly assume that current and future providers in this market segment will significantly expand and improve their offerings.

Trend 3: Virtual reality is also finding its way into online casinos

NetEnt already did it last year and released a VR version for its popular slot Gonzo's Quest. However, this is only supposed to be the beginning. In the future, significantly more games or even entire casinos could use VR technology. Especially since the big hardware developers of VR glasses like Oculus or Valve / HTC are developing better and better hardware solutions.

With the help of modern VR technologies, players can get very close to the roulette ball.

With the help of modern VR technologies, players can get very close to the roulette ball.

These are now not only independent of a PC (such as the Oculus Quest), but also significantly lighter and therefore more comfortable to wear than the first generations. Technology therefore offers many, often unimagined, possibilities in many areas, including online gambling. Augmented Reality, for example in the extremely popular mobile game Pokemon Go! used could become an important topic in the years to come.

Trend 4: New games and trends in the live casino

Of course, you can expect a number of new releases from the developers for the coming Christmas business as well as for 2020. The following providers in particular are sticking to their temp for the development of new players:

  • NetEnt
  • Microgaming and
  • Pragmatic Play
  • Playtech

Furthermore, fans of the live casino can look forward to some new features. Some studios are planning completely new live offers and game shows, which are supposed to cast a spell over the players with even more elaborate environments and better technology.

Trend 5: Many federal states are calling for the gambling contract to be relaxed

Online gambling is still a sensitive issue with a view to legislation. An amendment to the State Treaty on Gambling is loud Swabian Post announced by summer 2021 at the latest. The federal states of Schleswig-Holstein, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia in particular are in favor of relaxing the regulation, especially when it comes to online gambling. However, some, especially conservative politicians are more against it and warn that the risk of addiction should not be underestimated. 

In this respect, however, the easing also offers good opportunities. With a relaxation of the contract, online gambling could possibly be better regulated and controlled at the same time. In addition, there is also quite considerable tax revenue at stake here. In 2018 alone, Baden-Württemberg earned almost 500 million euros in taxes and duties through gambling.

Conclusion: exciting innovations

All in all, we can look forward to some interesting developments in the coming months and for 2020. In any case, it will be exciting to see which trends will actually prevail and which ones may end up as a flop.