With unlock! Kids is a new release from the Unlock! Series, but this time especially for children. As the French publisher has announced, the new escape game series is aimed at children aged six and over. The basic concept of the game series remains unchanged, with one important exception.  

The Unlock! series is available in this country via Asmodee in a localized series. Since 2017, the Space Cowboys have launched a total of nine titles, most recently the two puzzle adventures Unlock! Star Wars and Unlock! Mystic Adventures. The adventures were mostly well received by fans and critics. In the year of its release, Unlock! awarded the As' d'Or, the French version of the "Game of the Year".

Child-friendly version of Unlock! without app

The Unlock! Games stand for cooperative puzzle experiences, the playful processes of which are supported by an app. This is exactly what the Space Cowboys do without with Unlock! Kids, however: Otherwise the playful basic structure remains the same: It is still a card-driven escape game in which the focus is on solving puzzles.

Unlock! is driven by cards: players experience scenarios full of puzzles. Image: Asmodee

Unlock! is driven by cards: players experience scenarios full of puzzles. Image: Asmodee

Otherwise not much is known. Unlock kids! is aimed at children from the age of six and sets - at least that is what a first published illustration by Maud Chalmel suggests - on an adventure on a fantastic medieval island.

The space cowboys' escape game for kids, which will be released through their Space Cow brand, is slated for release this year. With the exception of the rules, it will be a language-neutral puzzle game.

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