Unknown 9: Awakening was introduced as a multimedia experience beyond the limits of video game. In the last published teaser, a secret message was discovered that likely heralds the start of a treasure hunt. If you stop the video at the right time, you will find a url, but the new information will be hidden behind a puzzle.

A few days ago, Unknown 9: Awakening, Reflector Entertainment's first project was presented at Gamescom 2020. However, more than one game is planned for the title. A multimedia experiment was promised at the time of the announcement. In addition to the video game, there is also a podcast, a series of books, a comic, an interactive experience and more that will shed different light on the world of Unknown 9: Awakening.

Secret message in the trailer

Last week we had our first look at the game, which will be released next year for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X, with a teaser. A secret message also surfaced in the video, likely announcing a scavenger hunt. Slow down the video below to a speed of 0,25 with the YouTube player, then the teaser will stop in 1:16 minutes at the right time.


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Next to the text "Are you looking for answers in the unknown? You are more than you think” is an Internet address that leads you to a first puzzle. We don't yet know what will happen after that. Unknown 9 tells the story of a young Indian woman named Haroona who struggles to survive on the streets of Kolkata. However, thanks to a power that is still mysterious to them, the protagonist is able to disappear into another dimension - known as The Fold.