Since the entry into force of the new State Treaty on Gambling, online slots, casinos and gambling have once again become topics that no longer need to be discussed in secret. For serious operators of online casinos, despite regulatory restrictions, there are new opportunities to lure adventurers into the virtual gambling halls.

Many players expect to have fun especially from so-called theme slots, because the processes are based on well-known film or game licenses. New trends in online slots are set again this year.

The big win is just a push of a button away: it is ultimately not that easy with online slots. If you want to try your luck at the virtual machines with real money, you should do so with the necessary caution: regular playing times including breaks, a fixed budget and the insight, in the event of losses, not to want to play it back into your wallet by short-circuiting actions - that are some of the essential basic rules for not just wanting to win slot games, but also to have fun. That should always be the focus of online gambling. This is supported by slot games that are based on well-known licenses. The trend towards so-called theme slots with content from the well-known pop culture began a few years ago and is now gradually continuing. This is also the case with the slot trends in 2021.

Online casino: Licensed slots continue to grow

From now on, not only will individual slot topics be increasingly served, the number of licensed slot games available in reputable online casinos will increase overall. The fact that players like to spend their time with brands they know is reflected in precisely this trend in online slots. Slots based on well-known brands have always existed, especially in the online segment. Millions of fans around the world are already playing on the virtual one-armed bandits, which are now much more than that: They are audio-visually polished entertainment formats with which one can spend fun moments - provided that one adheres to the usual recommendations for regulating personal gaming enjoyment . An appealing presentation including entertaining gameplay elements, as shown by Razor Shark, is becoming more and more important.

One should not underestimate the fact that the most popular online slots are also perishable: If a license expires, the slot game will also have to be withdrawn from the market. Accordingly, there is always movement in the virtual casinos: old slots are disappearing, new ones are being added. The number will now explode, especially when it comes to innovations. So if you have always wanted to play online slots with themes such as the Wizard of Oz or Buffalo, now there is the chance.

Interest in online slots will continue to grow

Because online slots are becoming more and more popular, virtual formats are gaining ground in the gambling sector. The so-called iGaming industry has seen a surge in slot games since mid-2019. The curve has consolidated a bit in the meantime, but the increase in player interest is visible. This trend will also continue.

Online casino providers will expand their areas of activity, also in this country. He has created the basis for a more open approach to the topic of the new State Treaty on Gambling. The regulations contained therein are not perfect and need to be improved, overall, the step away from taboos and towards a different understanding of online gambling is desirable from the perspective of the players and operators. Access is made easier for players and new control mechanisms are in place at the same time.

The old devices have had their day - the future of slots lies online.

The old devices have had their day - the future of slots lies online.

The online slots will give the boost because the basic theme will be more present. Search engine results already suggest that players are increasingly interested in slots. The dinosaurs of the industry, i.e. the developers of physical slot machines, have also noticed this - they now cooperate much more often with online developers in order to combine the best features from both worlds.

Educational work and information are becoming more important

With the number of online slots on offer, the need for education grows among players. Far too seldom even serious casinos take their players by the hand - with the flood of innovations and changes, however, that is exactly what is urgently needed. It is getting more and more difficult to be reliable platforms to find, so providers have to counteract with educational work and information.

It will become more and more valuable to be able to try out online slots extensively, especially before playing for real money. Many providers have recognized this and are offering demo modes - this will increase. Likewise, new websites will deal explicitly with the most popular online slots and thus act as “guides” for players. With the rapid development, players don't want one thing: to waste their time. Hardly anyone will undertake the long search for the right slot, so the online slots have to come to the players.

And VR? Or gamification?

Online casinos with virtual reality formats have not yet been able to really get started, even if some operators are now trying harder. The hardware is becoming cheaper and more widespread: this increases the chances of that VR games can finally establish itself in casinos as well. This is also possible in the slot segment. That could significantly reinforce the already impressive audio-visual experiences.

More and more developers have understood that virtual reality is a future market that cannot be avoided. Examples such as Netent's Gonzo's Quest VR have already shown what is possible - and that the format can be well received. Now it's about making players aware of the issue. Again, demos are the way to go. The more often gamers can easily try out VR titles and find them to be good, the greater the interest.

Slots and video games are moving closer together.

Slots and video games are moving closer together.

Gamification is also a trend that will be more noticeable in popular online slots or in casinos in general. More mini-games, more progression - these are the new motivational factors to not only entertain players, but also to bind them to a brand or a slot machine. The games will therefore increasingly rely on systems and innovations of this kind. The trend is clearly towards a mixture of classic slot games and video games, because that's exactly where gamification comes from.

Ultimately, it can be said that the triumphant advance will continue and players will have a much wider selection of online slot games to choose from. Even if the overview is fluff, it will be worth investing the time looking for a good and reputable online slot.