In the summer of last year, Asmodee USA announced that, with Unexpected Games, a new board game studio was being created under the direction of Corey Konieczka. The debut title had to be postponed to the next year in view of the global situation. Konieczka announced this on social media and via Board Game Geek. 

Corey Konieczka is the head behind many board players Star Wars: Rebellion a name, that Star Wars board game considered one of the best of its kind and released by Fantasy Flight Games. However, this project was not a one-off for Konieczka, the game author was significantly involved in other extremely successful board games, including Eldritch Horror and the sandbox board game Star Wars: Outer Rim, to which Fantasy Flight Games will probably bring an expansion onto the market, at least that is what Steve Horvath, head of Asmodee-North, has in the context of one Interviews it was already mentioned.
Corey Konieczka also had a hand in the fourth edition of the strategy heavyweight Twilight Imperium. As the studio head of Unexpted Games, more board games were to be created as part of the Asmodee family, but the debut of the still young studio had to be postponed to 2021.

Unexpected Games: Premiere board game focused on storytelling

Little was known about the premiere with which Unexpected Games actually wanted to shine this year. The new board game from the team around Corey Konieczka should offer a “multi-layered gaming experience” and a strong focus on Storytelling have - the latter in a unique way. This is the aim of the new studio anyway, which will concentrate on innovative games and developing ideas. The aim is to offer fans games that are “entertaining, beginner-friendly and narrative,” said Konieczka, the head behind Unexpected Games at the time.

Molly Glover with Corey Konieczka at the Star Wars: Outer Rim presentation. Image rights: FFG

Molly Glover with Corey Konieczka at the Star Wars: Outer Rim presentation. Image rights: FFG

Now, in view of the global situation, Corey Konieczka has had to react and announced the postponement of the debut title of Unexpected Game. The coronavirus does not stop at the board game industry and in this case also causes noticeable delays in the design and production process. The postponement of the title also means that information about the game will not be published until later. This can be expected later this year or at the beginning of 2021.

From this it can be concluded that the premiere in 2021 will not appear as a “year-starter”, but only in the further course of the year. This is probably also dependent on the further development of the ongoing corona pandemic. However: Corey Konieczka mentions in his statement that the work on the game is as good as finished and that work can already be started for the next two games. According to the game designer, all games planned so far should differ significantly from one another.

“Game X” by Unexpted Games will be released in 2021.

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