With Undaunted: Stalingrad, Giant Roc want to publish the most elaborate part of the tactical series about the Second World War in German.

With Stalingrad, the next part of Undaunted plays again in an important theater of war of the Second World War and, as before, there are two fronts facing each other. The mix of conflict simulation, area control and deck building elements is also immediately familiar.

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But one difference is immediately noticeable: The box is significantly larger and that also has to do with the fact that it's not just a matter of changing the location and adding a few new troops with their own peculiarities and rule changes. In Stalingrad, both sides do not face each other in loose scenarios, they play through an entire campaign of up to 15 missions that lead to 14 different endings.

Changes in terrain lead to better or worse defensive options as you progress. Soldiers can rise in rank, but above all, their losses weigh even more heavily because they are not simply available again in the next battle.

Anyone who is looking forward to the next game in the Undaunted series and is interested in a tactical campaign game with momentous decisions can still play the project until November 17th in the Spieleschmiede support. In addition to Stalingrad, you can also secure the previous part of the series. Around two thirds of the campaign are already "through". Giant Roc has set a total of 15.000 euros as a target.

The price is 89 euros, for ten euros more there are matching card sleeves. The tactical campaign board game is aimed at two players - there is no solo mode. A game lasts between 45 and 60 minutes. If everything goes as planned, according to the publisher, the game should be delivered in May 2023. 

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Undaunted: Normandy Undaunted: Normandy * 31,08 EUR


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