After Endless Winter, Fantasia Games' next crowdfunding project started yesterday on Kickstarter. Thematically, the novelty plays like Endless Winter in the past. There, however, it is almost 12.000 years closer to today.

It was found at the beginning of the year unconscious mind on numerous anticipation lists of the year. After the last Kickstarter project Endless Winter was delivered, crowdfunding started yesterday for unconscious mind.

In the novelty, the players are transported to Vienna at the beginning of the 20th century. The players are members of Sigmund Freud's "Psychological Wednesday Society", which he founded in 1902.

The way to the subconscious

The players want to improve their psychoanalytic therapies, establish a practice and heal their patients so that they can have a more fulfilling life.

The game proceeds in turns until the end of the game is triggered. In your turn you can either place ideas and then move your own inkwell or treat patients, or you recall all placed ideas and can choose between a bonus or healing patients.

The actions triggered by the first move option may be carried out with different frequency depending on the number of ideas placed and the chosen location. Advancing the inkwell allows additional effects to be triggered.

The possible actions and effects in the game are very varied and give the well-known basic structure of the game a great deal of depth. On BGG it is often compared to Lacerda or Mindclash games. Author Jonny Pac ranks unconscious mind in a comment with a complexity of about 3,25-3,5.

The playing time is between 60 and 120 minutes. The game can be played with 1-4 people aged 12 and over. That Kickstarter project is still running for almost two weeks and was already fully financed after 20 minutes. Almost 16 hours after the start of the crowdfunding, supporters have already contributed more than five times the amount required.

Both the German version of the Kickstarter and the retail edition will be published by Frosted Games. 


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