The visual novel "Forgotten Fables: Wolves on the Westwind" in the DSA universe will be released in May 2022 for PC Steam and iOS. This is a premiere for the publishing house Ulisses Spiele: The “The Black Eye” video game is the first title that the publishing house has published on its own. It shouldn't stay that way: Other titles are already in production, they say.

The traditional publisher Ulisses Spiele and developer Owned by Gravity announce a new work from the epic world of "The Dark Eye": Forgotten Fables - Wolves on the Westwind is a visual novel in the legendary fantasy world of Aventuria.

Forgotten Fables - Wolves on the Westwind is the first "The Dark Eye" video game to be published by Ulisses Spiele not only as a licensor, but independently. Fans of the publisher's numerous role-playing game series can look forward to more titles, because Wolves on the Westwind marks the beginning of the digital publishing unit of the traditional Hessian publisher. Further titles in the DSA universe as well as other fantasy IPs from the publisher are already in production, further information on this will be announced in the coming months.

The award-winning, German pen-and-paper role-playing game "The Black Eye" has fascinated hundreds of thousands of fans around the world for almost 40 years and includes more than 800 sets of rules, books and stories, over 80 audio books, radio plays and soundtracks and more than 70 digital games.

Wolves on the Westwind: around 15 hours of gameplay

In Wolves on the Westwind, an ancient danger shakes the region of Thorwal, located in northern Aventuria. As unwilling heroes, players are thrown straight into conflict, venturing into stormy seas and strange shores to find a means to vanquish evil and restore peace. Players can choose between two very different characters with their own backstories: the battle-hardened veteran warrior Alrik or the young sorceress Nedime. Aboard the pirate ship Wolfsfang, players will travel across the northern lands, forging alliances with or antagonizing the unusual crew, and encountering a variety of fantastic characters along the way. Every decision counts, bringing players closer to glorious victory or crushing defeat.

Every choice in Wolves on the Westwind has a profound impact on the course of the journey, the characters players meet along the way, and how the adventure ends for them. With over 15 hours of gameplay, Wolves on the Westwind offers a variety of choices that make each run unique. Thanks to RPG elements such as your own health and astral point bar and the ability to cast spells, players are always part of the action.

Wolves on the West Wind features:
  • Visual novel in Aventuria, the legendary fantasy world from the role-playing classic "Das
    black eye"
  • Around 15 hours of playing time, divided into different narrative chapters
  • Choice of two main characters with different abilities and backstories
  • Players can choose over 30 characters and
    explore different scenarios
  • Replayable, branching storyline with multiple alternative endings and side quests that
    depend on the decisions of the players
  • RPG-light gameplay with magic spells, unique maneuvers, astral and life points
  • Great soundtrack and illustrations that provide immersion in the epic world of black
    eye guarantee

In May 2022 it's time to set sail for Aventuria. Forgotten Fables – Wolves on the Westwind will be available for PC players for 17,99 euros on Steam and Gamesplanet and shortly thereafter on iOS in the App Store. More information is available on Steam and the game's official website.

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