A new open world Star Wars game is coming. As the French publisher Ubisoft announced, the developer studio Massive Entertainment is working on a story-driven adventure with an open game world. The title is created in collaboration with Lucasfilm and Disney. Ubisoft plans to announce more information about the new Star Wars game and the release date “at a later date”.

Under the direction of Ubisoft's award-winning Malmö-based triple-A studio Massive Entertainment, experienced developers from the games industry are working on a new open-world game set in George Lucas' imagined universe. The Star Wars title is developed using the Snowdrop engine, among other things. According to the publisher, resources are to be used optimally to “deliver a groundbreaking Star Wars adventure”. However, there are not many details about the new Star Wars game yet.

Massive entertainment is looking for talent

No matter what the game is about: The prerequisites for a hit are at least in place. With the titles The Division and The Division 2, Massive Entertainment had already proven that immersive and visually impressive action games can be brought to screens with an open game world.

If you include the Star Wars license in such a framework, a “powerful video game” could be knitted out of it. The developer is currently only in a concept phase. As Ubisoft announced, the Swedish development studio is currently looking for the “best and most outstanding talents who want to participate in this career-defining project”. Means: A team for the development of the video game has to be put together. The places published - presumably under “unannounced project” - also point to the early project status.

"The huge Star Wars saga is an incredible source of inspiration for our teams" 
Yves Guillemot, Co-Founder and CEO of Ubisoft

"This is the beginning of a long-term collaboration with Disney and Lucasfilm Games," comments Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot. They look forward to working hand in hand to build on the incredible legacy of Lucasfilm to create a game "that we know Star Wars fans will love."

Douglas Reilly, Vice President of Lucasfilm Games puts Ubisoft's skills at the fore in the design of immersive game worlds. "The passion and talent of the Massive team are inspiring and together we share a vision for the kind of original stories we want to tell with our players in this vast galaxy". Ubisoft has the creativity, experience and understanding of communities to bring impressive authenticity, depth and innovation to this new Star Wars game. Sean Shoptaw, Senior Vice President of Disney Games, also praised the cooperation, which could "create something really unique for our fans around the world". "In the Star Wars galaxy and beyond, we partner with the best teams in the industry to create world-class games that push the boundaries of the medium," said Sean Shoptaw.

As the game's creative director, Julian Gerighty of Massive says, “This is a saga we love, and we want to live up to it with a game and story that will send fans alike, lifelong and new, on an immersive and immersive journey that will be remembered for years to come. "

Massive is actively looking for candidates interested in joining the team. Interested parties can apply for vacancies under the following link: www.massive.se/career.

Taken together, that sounds like an ambitious project that fans shouldn't expect a short-term release. If you take the open-world game The Division as a benchmark, the development time should be around three years. Because Massive Entertainment continues to rely on a - presumably modified - version of the Snowdrop engine, this could result in a shorter development time. At the moment, however, these are pure speculations. For comparison: Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment contributed Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order needed around five years for the entire development. With the first official announcement, things went quickly: A reveal event was celebrated at E3 2018, and the game was on the shelves in November 2019.

Source: Ubisoft


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