Two Point Campus from British developer Two Point Studios Limited is now available for the PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5 and Xbox One/Series X. The digital version of the game is listed on Steam with a price of 39,99 euros. If he would like a physical copy of the rule he can purchase the Enrollment Edition. This includes a fold-out map, a university brochure and exclusive packaging.

After the successful simulation game Two Point Hospital from 2018, Two Point Campus is the second part of the small series Two Point Studios Limited. In Two Point Campus, players take control of the University of Two Point County and shape the campus and curriculum of their own choosing. It is important to keep the students and teachers in a good mood as much as possible.

The academic year can begin

The Two Point Campus campaign starts in the summer holidays, so there is enough time to prepare for the coming academic year in a relaxed manner. The campus of the university is designed according to the player's ideas, both indoors and outdoors. Easy-to-use tools can be used to create paths, plant trees, place statues, and construct buildings like a library. During the construction work, however, it is important to always pay attention to the resource of money.

Students in Two Point County don't take classic math or medicine classes, but take exotic courses like magic or the top-secret spy school. To ensure this, the player hires the best teachers in the country and improves the academic potential of the university.

Of course, students at Two Point Campus don't want to spend too much time studying. They want to have fun, form friendships and relationships with each other, and be cared for. So it is important for the player to keep them happy with great parties, live concerts or sporting activities.

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