In the recently released family game KuZOOkA, the players embody zoo animals who want to escape from the zoo together. But to do this, they have to communicate, non-verbally. Pegasus Spiele recently released another cooperative family game, Von Falkenstein. Together the players have to find the way to the safe castle while a terrible knight is chasing them.

Life as a zoo animal in KuZOOkA is not always easy. When animals are then also to be moved to a smaller zoo, it is clear: it is time to break out of the zoo - but there are only seven days left and communication between the different animal species is difficult. The junk that visitors throw into the enclosures, on the other hand, could prove useful.

By strategically placing animal markers on the game board, the players try to inform each other which items they can contribute to the escape. They are not allowed to entertain or show their cards. If they collect enough matching cards at the end of the round, they gain experience. If the players make it to the breakout zone by the end of the sixth day, they win the game.

With KuZOOkA by Leo Colovini, the players can expect an exciting non-verbal communication game with deduction elements in about 30 to 45 minutes. 120 wooden animal heads make the zoo escape a haptic experience, while individual animal abilities and a game variant always provide new challenges.

Falkenstein: two to six game ends on the run

In the cooperative family game Von Falkenstein, two to six players are on the run from the terrible knight. To escape from him, they must remember the best way to the safe castle.

The players can choose between the stories "Ambush in front of Munzenberg Castle" and "The Revenge of the Rockenberg Robber Knight". The game board is printed on both sides. The rules of the game remain the same, but the story about Rockenberg is made a little more difficult by a special rule. Like Celtic, von Falkenstein is based in the home of Pegasus Spiele, Wetterau. An accompanying booklet provides additional information about the stories the game is based on and the towns of Rockenberg and Munzenberg that serve as settings.

Authors of the entertaining game for children and families from the age of seven are Michael Palm and Lukas Zach. The game principle in Von Falkenstein is based on the successful magic to the power of three, which was recommended by Spiel des Jahres eV in 2017.


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