Anyone currently trying to reach Dr Disrespect's Twitch channel will only see the familiar “time machine” message. In plain English: the channel of the American streaming star has been shut down. Dr Disrespect has been banned from Twitch, according to rumors the ban is even supposed to be permanent - but this has not yet been confirmed. 

Where else there is shooting, not much is happening at the moment: the Twitch channel of Dr Disrespect is not available. It is not yet known why the streamer, whose real name is Herschel Beahm IV, was put on hold. There are also no official details on the duration of the ban. Rumor has it that the ban will be permanent.

Dr Disrespect banned on Twitch

"We're sorry. This content is only available if you have a time machine, ”currently appears when fans try to watch the Dr Disrespect stream. The channel was actually switched off. Twitch invokes the terms of use, but does not give any reasons for the measure, which in principle every streamer can take, regardless of their level of awareness*.

The Twitter channel “StreamerBans” reported that Dr Disrespect was banned:

The fact that channels are suddenly switched off on Twitch, i.e. without notice, is nothing new. At the beginning of the month it hit the “Lirik” channel. It is also not the first time that measures have been taken against the US streamer Dr Disrespect: his channel was temporarily banned last year as part of E3 when Beahm was streaming from a public washroom. Dr Disrespect was also confronted with a brief racism debate when the musician Jimmy Wong accused him of racist tendencies based on the cartoons he showed.

The US streaming star was caught again on June 26th. Several sources state that Dr Disrespect's bans are permanent. Streamer “ShannonZKiller” explains: “Doc is through, not just on Twitch. I know why, but I can't tell. It's serious." But: She does not refer to external sources, but to his own knowledge. So far, Herschel Beahm has not commented on the measure taken against him.

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