Twin Mirror, a narrative psychological thriller by Dontnod about the journalist Sam, who investigates dark secrets from his past in a sleepy town in West Virginia, is now finally available on Steam. To celebrate the publication, there is a 50 percent discount.

Twin Mirror has been available for PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and the Epic Game Store since last year. In the psychological thriller, the investigative journalist Sam investigates the background of the death of his best friend. He actually had good reasons to leave the town of Basswood two years ago, but now he has to face the ghosts of his past. Both old friends and his own cognitive abilities, which allow him to analyze scenarios from different perspectives in his palace of thought, help him in this.

Psychological thriller as a video game

Dontnod Entertainment released the psychological thriller Twin Mirror on Steam today. The gripping story of Sam Higgs and his search for the truth is now available to a whole new group of players - with a 50 percent discount in the first two weeks after launch.

Dontnod invites players to begin their adventure in Basswood with the free demo version, which is already available on the game's page in the Steam Store. The game progress and all unlocked achievements are saved and carried over to the main game when you purchase them at a later date. All interested parties should keep in mind that the demo can only be downloaded for a limited time. However, it can still be played after the download, even if it has been removed from the store.

After the tragic death of his best friend, Sam Higgs returns to his hometown Basswood after two years of absence to pay his final respects. It quickly becomes clear that this small West Virginia town holds many dark secrets. The former investigative journalist uses his unique deductive skills to uncover the secrets of the city and its people. Faced with his past, Sam is torn between his search for truth and his desire to reconnect with loved ones. Who can he really trust?

Sam has a palace of thought, a spacious and unique part of his psyche. There he can review his past and relive old memories. He can reconstruct events to find clues and predict major turning points in history. His analytical and logical mind can often lead to embarrassing encounters or inadvertently hurt others.

This is where the double comes in. Only Sam is able to see this character as it is a representation of his more empathic, social side. Sam can count on him when he needs an ally to guide him through social interactions and help him navigate a society that doesn't always accept weirdness. Players have to grapple with serious decisions that will have a profound impact on how events will evolve.

Every decision, interaction, and discovery will affect the direction of Sam's research and will ultimately determine how much of himself he is willing to sacrifice. There are no right or wrong answers - all players have a unique experience shaped by their own choices.

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