Twilight Imperium: Inscription will be a roll and write game based on the universe of the 4X space board game Twilight Imperium. This was announced by Fantasy Flight Games in a stream for the brand's 25th birthday. The dice game should also contain 4X elements - explore, expand, exploit and exterminate.

Fantasy Flight Games had a surprise in store for the birthday of the board game Twilight Imperium. The game universe will be expanded to include a roll and write game - and should therefore automatically open up to players who like the trappings of Twilight: Imperium, but regularly struggle with the length of the board game games.

Twilight Imperium: Inscription aims to be "epic".

However, Twilight Imperium: Inscription doesn't seem to be that simple either, at least "epic" and the biggest roll and write game ever. That's what the author of the title, James Kniffen, promised. He had previously created games like Civilization: A New Dawn or News Angeles and was involved in Star Wars: Armada. Kniffen is therefore very familiar with the topic of space - good prerequisites for being able to implement a space dice game in an atmospheric way.

Why did you have to develop such a dice game for Twilight Imperium? The answer is simpler than expected: There simply hadn't been a new title in the Twilight universe for many years and they love "Roll and Writes" anyway. However, fans of Twilight Imperium: Inscription don't have to do without the 4X concept of the base game entirely - the spin-off should at least use it rudimentarily.

No further details were revealed in the anniversary stream. It is therefore unclear exactly how the dice game is supposed to work. At least some hints had been made at Fantasy Flight Games: Players will explore the galaxy and have to take control of planets in order to develop them and build a functioning economic cycle there. Play happily side by side? That too will only happen to a limited extent with Twilight Imperium: Inscription. Acts of war have already been announced - the template is apparently being followed closely.

Twilight Imperium is considered a classic, masterpiece and expert game with tactical demands. The 4X board game, published in this country by Asmodee Germany, has undergone a revision with the fourth edition not too long ago. In the scene, Twilight Imperium is considered one of the best board games ever, in the sub-genre of strategy games the weighting of the title in terms of its qualities is much higher. The game is written by Dane Beltrami, Corey Konieczka and Christian T. Petersen. In the tactical board game, players take control of a people and direct their fortunes - ultimately with a sober goal: the aim is to collect ten victory points. The focus of Twilight Imperium, however, is the way there, which is peppered with countless decisions, many of them with far-reaching consequences.

However, there is no release date for Twilight Imperium: Inscription yet. Fans have to be patient. Fantasy Flight Games wants to publish more information "soon", then possibly also about the previously unknown price range for the roll and write game.

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