The first expansion for the fourth edition of Twilight Imperium will appear under the name Prophecy of the Kings and that already in the coming month. The English-language original appears via Fantasy Light Games, the localized German version will therefore bring Asmodee Germany to the market. 

At the beginning of the year Fantasy Flight Games announced the first expansion for the fourth edition of Twilight Imperium. The revised version of the highly complex strategy board game appeared in 2017, around three years later there is now new content.

Twilight Empire: Prophecy of the Kings brings new factions

The expansion Prophecy of the Kings will be extensive, this is already known: The galaxy is getting significantly larger, and seven new factions are entering the game. Forty new hyper route and system boards provide an expansion of the previous game world, so fans can look forward to new planets and obstacles in space, including a wormhole nexus.

The extension is well equipped - it comes at a price. Image rights: FFG

The extension is well equipped - it comes at a price. Image rights: FFG

If the already excessive gaming experience is not enough for you, you can enlarge the round and thus probably extend the playing time. Color-matching material for two additional players is included in the Prophecy of Kings box.

There are also some changes in terms of play: The add-on will include leader cards that are divided into agents, commanders and heroes - each equipped with skills that players can unlock. There are also mech units for planetary combat. The exploration factor is noticeably expanded: players can now search through game worlds and discover relic fragments that can be put together.

So far it was unclear when exactly Prophecy of the Kings would appear for the fourth edition of Twilight Imperium, only the time frame was vaguely known. Asmodee North has now revealed the exact release date: The expansion will be released on November 27th. The price is then around 100 US dollars.

The first book adaptation of Twilight Imperium: The Fractured Void will also be available from November 27th. In the coming year, graphic novels will also be financed via Kickstarter. So they plan to tell a few more stories with the Twilight Imperium brand.


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