Ubisoft today announced the dates for the live test of Tom Clancy's The Division Resurgence, a free mobile third-person shooter RPG from the Tom Clancy's The Division series.

The live test will be available on select Android devices for players in Western European countries starting December 8th. Registration to participate in this or future tests will take place at thedivisionresurgence.com.

The Division Resurgence: Third-person shooter on mobile

The Division Resurgence brings The Division experience to mobile. Players experience a new and independent storyline in a vast open world where they can roam freely in a superbly detailed urban environment. The experience is further enhanced with a breathtaking and unique perspective on the key historical events that took place in The Division and The Division 2.

The live test offers players the opportunity to share their feedback with the development team and includes seven main missions and twelve side missions.

You can choose from three classes at the beginning. Another one is added at level 15. You will also be able to try this out in the live test. Players can also look forward to four different open-world activities, daily and weekly quests, and weekly goals. There are also escort activities, the "Dark Zone" and a conflict mode. The latter then currently includes a map.

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