Trudvang Legends, one of CMON's new projects, will be finished significantly late. The reason for this are neither logistical difficulties nor problems in production, but the gameplay of the board game: The makers were anything but satisfied with that. The result: Trudvang Legends will only be rolled out around a year after the originally targeted date - that would be around December 2021. 

Trudvang Legends is currently proving that a successfully financed campaign is no guarantee that everything will go smoothly with the originally conceived idea. The makers show courage and postpone the board game for reasons of quality. As if from one Comment on Kickstarter shows, the studio was dissatisfied with the result of the development work so far.

Trudvang Legends: CMON takes a bold step

“The finished product did not meet our internal expectations,” says CMON. Now they have restructured and are working on a redesign of Trudvang Legends. CMON is assuming a delay of around one year, but cannot say with certainty how long the reworking process will actually take.

The step of the designer is brave. Not least because Trudvang Legends was able to raise around 1,5 million US dollars from almost 12.000 fans via crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Backers had to pay 100 US dollars for the standard pledge. A proud amount for a board game that will now be a long time coming. It should actually have been delivered in December 2020. CMON is rowing back around a quarter before the target date.

CMON gave an overview of the original gameplay:

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There are deep considerations behind the move. It seems that the makers wouldn't have made the decision easy for themselves. In a detailed post in the comments of the Kickstarter project, CMON explains how it came about and what fans can expect in the future. It is unusual for such profound changes to be made to a board game shortly before the planned release. Probably all the more for an experienced studio like CMON, which at least stands for board games like Blood Rage or Zombicide or Ankh: Gods of Egypt - and thus at the same time for quality.

The studio communicates their dissatisfaction with their product openly and makes it clear: "Trudvang could be better and the supporters deserve it better." According to CMON, the epic game moments were missing, both in the game mechanics and in the background story. It becomes clear that both are important when you look at the background to the board game. Trudvang Legends is based on an RPG that has been longed for by fans - the Trudvang Chronicles - which uses Norse mythology as a theme. Fans had high expectations, especially when it came to the story of the board game.

According to their own statements, CMON wants to use the coming year to make improvements. For example, Marco Maggi and Francesco Nepitello should work on the background story and, among other things, adapt the narrative structure. Directly connected with this is the decision to make Jordy Adan - author of Der Kartograph - lead developer in order to be responsible for the progress of the project.

Eric M. Lang also commented on the postponement. Although Lang is no longer active for CMON, Trudvang Legends will remain in an advisory position. Lang speaks of an “extensive redesign” of the adventure board game. For the most part, the fans are calm about the significant delay and are in many cases optimistic about the release in around a year.


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