Jackbox Games has announced Trivia Murder Party 2 as the third and final title in the Jackbox Party starter. Later this year, the Jackbox Party Starter, a collection of three games that have already been released but have been relaunched, will be completely localized in German.

In addition to Trivia Murder Party, Tee KO and Quiplash 3 are included in the Best Of collection. The same people who worked on the localization of You Don't Know Jack are responsible for the German translation of the games. The games from Jackbox Games are suitable for parties: everyone can join in, because mobile phones, tablets and computers are used as controllers. In some games, even more than 10.000 additional spectators can participate to influence the outcome.

Jackbox Party Starter: Release in summer

With Trivia Murder Party 2, publisher and developer Jackbox Games finally unveils the final title of the Jackbox Party starter. The collection consists of three of the most popular games from previous Jackbox Party Packs, officially localized into German, French, Spanish and Italian for the first time. The same people who worked on the localization of You Don't Know Jack are responsible for the German translation.

So far, the titles Quiplash 3 and Tee KO have been unveiled from the Jackbox Party Starter line-up. Now the curtain falls on the third and final game in the collection: in the Trivia Murder Party sequel, the serial killer host has moved into the Murder Hotel where he grew up. In the past his family used to kill unsuspecting guests there, but now he's using the building to host his bizarre game show... in which he in turn kills unsuspecting guests.
As with the first Trivia Murder Party, players answer various trivia questions. If they answer wrong, they will be sent to the Killing Floor to take part in deadly mini-games. In the new mini-games, they must dodge swords that get stuck in a magic box, tattoo the killer on his back, and complete the most terrifying quest of all... using a rotating dial phone!

Featuring the popular titles Quiplash 3, Tee KO and Triva Murder Party 2, the Jackbox Party Starter is the right choice for anyone looking to start their own Jackbox stream. If you want to make a game accessible to viewers, it is best to use a streaming service such as Twitch or YouTube. On these platforms, users can broadcast their screen and share a link with others who can then watch or play along.

In order to start streaming, players need broadcasting software. Open Broadcaster Software Studio is free and easily integrates with Twitch and YouTube. Jackbox Games also provides instructions for streaming on Twitch and YouTube. With all of these services, the developers recommend using low latency settings. This ensures that everyone can experience the game in “real time” as much as possible.

Users can also play together with friends in a stream. For streams where users play alongside strangers, Jackbox titles offer some useful features to protect against trolls. Jackbox Party Starter also includes a swear word filter and moderator features that can be customized in the game's settings menu.

Coming this summer, The Jackbox Party Starter features three of the most popular Jackbox games officially released in German, French, Italian and Spanish for the first time.


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