After King of 12 and the cooperative successor Council of 12, Queen of 12 is the third time in the world of the 12 kingdoms - again completely independent and this time again competitive. With the in-house development Queen of 12, Corax Games want to publish the third part of Rita Modl's game series. 

After all, you don't want to share the place on the throne. Thus, all 2 to 4 contenders for the throne wrestle for the 12-sided Stones of Power, which are available in three colors this time.

With the extension to Roll & Write

Whoever collects the most of them or uses them most skilfully on the scorecard wins the game at the end. These dice, which are laid out in two separate areas in the middle, are secured by actions on cards, which are always played at the same time. The lower the value displayed on it, the earlier you can act; the higher, the more dice you can take with you - from what's left. Matching cards also deprive each other of the action. Overall, you should be able to assess the plans of the others in the group well.

In the game you place many crosses on the scorecard, ideally to complete rows or columns. With the Crusades expansion, however, the game then turns into a pure roll-and-write game. In this new game mode, the two new slip variants play a much more central role. It is then even more important to be able to take exactly the right dice to secure scoring combinations and bonuses.

If you want to support the new game by author Rita Modl and thus the next in-house development from Corax Games, you can still do so until October 19th in the game forge do. You can not only secure your own base game, the expansion and even replacement blocks, but also help to ensure that more cards come into play. The first fans have already supported the campaign - the goal of 6.000 euros is now within reach. If all goes well, Queen of 12 is scheduled for delivery in March 2023. The price is 25 euros for the basic game, 30 euros for the bundle including the "Crusades" expansion or 39 euros for the bundle with refill blocks and card sleeves. 

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Corax Games King of 12 Fast Dice Card Game German Corax Games King of 12 Fast Dice Card Game German * 17,00 EUR

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