With support from the game company, Corax Games want to publish the tactical bluffing game Tribunal 1920 in German. The campaign is already running. 

In Tribunal 1920, two imaginative but not always morally impeccable lawyers duel in a New York court.

Five hearings in the courtroom

To win the trial, they must win three of up to five hearings by forming a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line on a tic-tac-toe grid in the courtroom. They can actually hold the pieces of evidence they need to occupy a field in their hands, or they can just pretend to do so.

However, if the opposing side objects and the bluff is exposed, they can occupy a space instead or alternatively send an investigator to one of the five New York boroughs to secure a bonus. On the other hand, if the doubt was completely unfounded because you can show all the evidence dutifully, you can hire an investigator yourself or even move the stone to any other field and maybe win the hearing. So why not sow doubt even though the evidence is watertight?

If you want to support Tribunal 1920 and get your own copy of the fast, tactical bluffing game at the same time, you can in the games forge only until October 20th do. The first "Schmiede" are already there and have given up the necessary 16 euros - or 19 euros including card sleeves - as a support amount. The game is expected to be delivered in March 2023.

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