Good Shepherd Entertainment and development studio Urban Games have released a major new game update for Transport Fever 2 that has added more settings to customize gameplay, improved line controls and better vehicle management.

With this increased configurability, the development team is improving the gameplay experience and looks forward to seeing how the community gets even more out of Transport Fever 2.

Transport Fever 2: Around half a million players

Transport Fever 2 was originally released in December 2019 and has already attracted around half a million players from all over the world. This makes it the most popular Urban Games launch to date. The improved range of functions, the revised user interface and the extensive modding options help to achieve all the goals you have set yourself in the best possible way. 

Transport Fever 2 offers more than 170 years of realistic technology and history to build and master your own transport empire. Provide the world with the transport infrastructure it needs and make a fortune with customized transport services. Let trains roll on rails, buses and trucks curve on the roads, ships glide through the water and planes soar in the air. Transport people to work or play, make cities grow and prosper, and deliver raw materials and goods to keep the economy thriving. Master the greatest logistical challenges from 1850 to today and build a transport empire that is second to none! 

The free game offers numerous design options and in campaign mode you can be there up close when transport history is being written on three continents. Transport Fever offers more than 200 detailed replica vehicles from Europe, America and Asia as well as a realistic traffic and economic simulation. With the help of the in-game map editor, landscapes in three different climate zones can be modeled at will and extensive modding support skilfully rounds off the fun of the game.  

Urban Games gives a glimpse of what's new in the update in this video:


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