The board game world is looking forward to October and thus to the international game days SPIEL 2018. Admittedly, we are already counting the days until the doors of the world's largest games fair opens on October 25th and we find the time until it closes on the 28th to be long too short to experience all the exciting news, peculiarities and moments of board game happiness in all its facets. But, if you want to capture all of these moments, it is worth taking a look at the world of large and small game fairs. Because, especially autumn is fair time and that delights our players' hearts.

We have summarized the autumn 2018 fair for you

For those who decide at short notice, the Maker Fair Hannover is waiting for a visit from September 14th to 16th, a creative fair all about creativity, making, discovering and tinkering. From September 29th to 30th, the Brett Hamburg opens its doors. New products, well-known ones and publishers are waiting for you here.

From October 06th to 07th you can pursue your hobby extensively at Lower Bavaria's largest games fair, the Deggendorfer Spieletage.

Our neighboring country Austria will also have a highlight in October. You can visit Game City in Vienna from October 19th to October 21st. When you arrive back in Germany, it is worth taking a look at Bielefeld, because there you can visit the game world from November 10th to November 11th. the largest games fair in northern Germany and thus another important event in the world of board games.

Trade fair dates for board players: This is what you can expect in autumn 2018

From November 16 to 18, it's back to the south, because the Munich playgrounds are waiting for you here, from which it is a stone's throw to Stuttgart.

Here you can end the autumn, from November 22nd to 25th, at the Spielemesse Stuttgart, relaxed with a Coke and a round on the boards of the games. So autumn will be anything but cloudy and gray for us players. The absolute highlight remains the international game days game in Essen in October.

Do you want more? We regularly provide you with preliminary reports for the 2018 game.

The autumn fair at a glance:

September 14 to 16.09.18, XNUMX Maker Fair Hanover 
September 29th to 30.09.18th, XNUMX Brett Hamburg 
October 06th to 07.10.18th, XNUMX Deggendorfer Spieletage 
October 19-21.10.18, XNUMX Game City Wien (Austria) 
25th to 28.10.18th October XNUMX international game days Spiel Essen 
November 10th to 11.11.18th, XNUMX Spielewelt Bielefeld 
November 16 to 18.11.18, XNUMX Spielwiesn Munich 
November 22nd to 25.11.18th, XNUMX Stuttgart game fair 

Which game fairs are you going to attend? Let us know in the comments.

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