Just recently, it was a collaboration between Schmidt Spiele and McDonalds that put toys in the Happy Meal bags. Now the fast-food giant is working with Schleich and, in addition to fries, apple slices and mineral water, weigh down small dinosaurs, sheep or horses that are contained in the surprise bags. The highlight: the plastic animals are packaged plastic-free.

The current gifts in the "Happy Meal" from McDonald's Germany are exclusive animal figures from toy manufacturer Schleich. The fast-food giant recently announced this. The first surprise bags should have been distributed by now, as the campaign has been running since December 3rd.

As McDonald's also announced, the "Happy Meal" cooperation will now run until January 20th. It recently expired Promotion with the Berlin publishing house Schmidt Spiele, who had made various children's games available for well-known licenses for the surprise bags.

Sustainability offensive: toys packaged plastic-free

With the start of the promotion, the fast-food company also announced that the toys in the "Happy Meal" will increasingly be packaged in paper instead of plastic from now on. This not only applies to the Schleich animals that are currently included in the bags in the children's menu, but also to future toy content.

According to McDonald's Germany, it is continuously working on reducing plastic packaging. A motto supports the campaign: With the message "Plastic-free packaging - full of fun", the company is taking another step towards sustainability.

The ongoing Schleich promotion marks the start of this sustainability offensive. Until January 20th, children at McDonald's will receive an exclusive Schleich figure as part of their "Happy Meal" order. You can choose from various dinosaurs and farm animals such as donkeys, calves or foals. Instead of being in plastic, as before, the Schleich figures are packed in paper boxes and they even have a playful use: The packaging is designed as an enclosure or meadow and can therefore be integrated into the game.

Schleich horses are also in there. Photo: obs / McDonald's Germany

Schleich horses are also in there. Photo: obs / McDonald's Germany

"The switch to paper packaging in the Happy Meal is one of the numerous measures to reduce packaging that the company has implemented over the past two years," explains McDonald's Germany. "In 2019, for example, the plastic balloon holders were replaced by a paper variant and a paper bag for the '4 Chicken McNuggets' was introduced."

In 2020, the switch to almost plastic-free dessert packaging and the introduction of paper straws and wooden spoons will also take place. Also in the coming year, McDonald's says it wants to work continuously on optimizing its packaging.

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