Two games by HCM Kinzel have been nominated for the German Toy Award 2022: The puzzle game THE GENIUS JUNIOR has been nominated in the category "For the little ones" and the three-dimensional city building game NEOVILLE has been nominated in the category "For the whole family". Both board games are among the games publisher's current spring innovations.

The coveted toy of the year award is being presented for the 21st time. In addition to a first reader online voting, a jury for children, adults and experts with representatives from the German Association of the Toy Industry will choose the overall winner in the summer.

HCM Kinzel: Two family board games in the running

With Neoville, the publishing house HCM Kinzel, based in Zaberfeld in Swabia, brings the trend topic “environmentally friendly building” to the table. With The Genius Junior, the logic of the little ones is playfully trained with the help of bees.

The beautifully designed The Genius Junior belongs to the series of Brain Games at HCM Kinzel. This thinking game for a child from three years of age strengthens logic and the ability to concentrate in a playful way.

A queen bee leads her worker bees in building her new honeycomb. The busy bees need help for this! The locations of the worker bees are first determined with the six dice. The challenge now is to place all eleven colored wooden game pieces without gaps around the bees in order to complete the entire honeycomb. 46.656 possible combinations offer a great gaming experience with no time limit.

The Neoville development is looking for visionary architects to build a modern city that blends in with nature. Whoever acts strategically and in close touch with nature in this tactically appealing placement game, builds the city with the highest quality of life, scores!

Your own vision of an environmentally conscious city is realized on strategically placed city tiles with different terrain fields (earth, grass, rock and water). Instead of concrete giants made of steel, skyscrapers made of clay or stone are being built and bio-projects such as biodomes or wind turbines are being placed. Specifications such as the height of the buildings or sustainability determine the number of possible harmony points. There are also bonuses for parks and sports facilities. Who will build the most harmonious city in harmony with nature?

Neoville is a family board game about city building

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