The head of the toy manufacturer Playmobil, Steffen Höpfner, announced in the financial magazine Capital that he wanted to press ahead with the "restructuring of Germany's largest toy supplier".

Germany's largest toy manufacturer, Playmobil, has decreed extensive company restructuring, according to the Capital magazine about the plans of CEO Steffen Höpfner. The aim is to achieve a relevant size with the company in key markets around the world, Höpfner told the business magazine (issue 07/2019).

Cooperation and takeovers in sight

In order to achieve his growth goals, the managing director of the Playmobil parent company Horst Brandstätter Holding is considering, among other things, company acquisitions as well as partnerships and joint ventures with other companies.

Those responsible for Playmobil rarely express themselves publicly. It was the first for Höpfner
detailed interview since he took over the management in 2016, one and a half years after
the death of the company patriarch Horst Brandstätter. Höpfner now sees the company as one
“Change process,” as he said.

"Cooperations, joint ventures, takeovers - we are open to everything". We need speed and we need to gain critical mass quickly. "

Steffen Höpfner opposite 'Capital'

He wants to make her more open and attractive. The group, based in Zirndorf near Nuremberg, has been the property of a foundation since the death of Brandstätter and is resisting the poor industry situation, which is caused, among other things, by the Bankruptcy of the toy retailer Toys "R" Us Marked at the end of 2017. Playmobil achieved slight growth in the toy segment last year; according to Höpfner, the manufacturer is currently up four percent over the previous year. The first movie with Playmobil characters starts in August, and the company has a lot of hope in it.

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