Sustainability is also a trend at the digital toy fair. It inspires toy manufacturers around the world to come up with new innovative products. According to the Spielwarenmesse, it is particularly emphasizing this enormous importance with the “megatrend 'Toys go Green'”. The four categories "Made by Nature", "Inspired by Nature", "Recycle & Create" and "Discover Sustainability" are brought to life through product examples.

The topic of sustainability is of great importance worldwide. "In order to emphasize its enormous importance for the toy industry as well, the Spielwarenmesse is focusing on sustainable and ecological toys with the Toys go Green megatrend," said Spielwarenmesse eG on one of the major thematic complexes at the soon-to-be-launched digital trade fair event.

Sustainability: "Green Toys" are trendy

Together with the experts of the "Trend Committee", the team at the world's leading trade fair has defined four categories for the trend, to which the appropriate products are assigned: "Made by Nature" shows toys made of natural materials - from wood and bamboo to cork or corn to wool and rubber. The articles related to "Inspired by Nature" are based on bio-based plastics, such as those made from sugar, starch, cellulose and proteins. "Recycle & Create" focuses on production from recycled raw materials and the creation of new game ideas through upcycling. In "Discover Sustainability" the topics of environment and climate are explained in a playful way - they also raise awareness for environmental protection and sustainability.

In addition, daily lectures on Toys go Green will be streamed digitally in the Toy Business Forum at Spielwarenmesse. Under all information about the megatrend is clearly summarized. The appendix lists products from international exhibitors at the toy fair in the four product categories "Made by Nature", "Inspired by Nature", "Recycle & Create" and "Discover Sustainability".


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